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Meet Amelia

A Short Bio

A runner for over 25 years, Amelia has found success in distances from the mile to the marathon. She enjoys helping others develop a mindful running practice to find joy in running and in natural movement.

Amelia worked directly with ChiRunning founder Danny Dreyer and other Master Instructors to earn her ChiRunning/ChiWalking Instructor Certification in 2015, became a Senior Level instructor in 2017, and earned Master Level Certification in 2020.

Amelia is the only Master level certified ChiRunning instructor in the state of Colorado and the only instructor in Colorado Springs. Her story was featured in the Colorado Springs Gazette.

She also earned a Coaching Certifications from RRCA. Amelia enjoyes Pilates for strength and mobility and earned Pilates Mat Instructor Certification through The Vertical Workshop.

Amelia is an assistant coach for the Personal Best Training Program and community. She brings female specific and technique expertise to hundreds of runners in the community all over the world working to improve their running through a holistic practice.

She has been a guest on podcasts including The Extramilest Show by Floris Gierman.


Photo credits to Dionne Randolph Photography.

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Success from the Mile to Marathon

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